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We are running our CSA with the help of     Harvie!

How Does It Work?

Harvie is a software platform that helps CSA farmers meet their customers' needs through a customizable farm share program.

Each week's share will be based on your preferences. For example: don't like beets? You will never get them in your share! And each week you can further customize your share, as well as order extras if you like.

Harvie gives you more choice and flexibility while still supporting local, seasonal farmers

After signing up for our CSA, Harvie will provide you with a list of all the crops that we grow and you will rate each item from 0 ("I never want it in my share") to 5 ("I love it!").

Based on your preferences and our seasonal harvests each week, Harvie chooses what will go in your share and sends a notification to you about your share. Each week you will have a window of time to make changes to your share or order extras if you like.

Why we use Harvie?

We are experienced farmers but new to the CSA model and understand the importance to re-connect with our community.  Harvie was developed after many years of research and is the best product available for farmers and customers.  

With Harvie helping to manage the CSA, you maintain a direct connection to agriculture and the food your family eats, but increase your control and flexibility over each week's share.

We're very excited about this innovation in CSA farming and we know you will be too!

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